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Why Should You Work with Us?

Women are now taking the lead in managing their own finances.

75%      of women under 45 manage their own finances
50%+   of women over 55 manage their own finances

Source: https://financialallianceforwomen.org/download/women-financial-wellness-beyond-bottom-line/
Source: https://www.ml.com/women-research.html March 2018

1. Women Leading Women

You need a plan for yourself and your family. As you acquire income and handle more of the financial decisions, you need to protect your assets and understand your financial risks. We have the resources and expertise to help on your life’s journey. We know the healthcare landscape from both the administrative and patient care side.

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  • Since 2000, median earnings for women in health care have increased, in part from their growing numbers in higher earning occupations and longevity on the job.

  • Women account for three-quarters of full-time, year-round health care workers today.

  • Women have increased their participation in record numbers in health care occupations that require higher education, including dentists, optometrists, pharmacists, physicians and surgeons, and veterinarians.

Source: https://www.census.gov/library/stories/2019/08/your-health-care-in-womens-hands.html


2. Forward Thinking Guide, Cheerleader, and Partner

You are a busy female in the demanding healthcare industry and you need someone you can trust. We put your best interests ahead of our own; this is called the Fiduciary Duty, and we are bound by it. We are your professional partner walking along side you to do this life together through all its ups and downs.



3. More Than Investing

Our fee includes managing your investments, but it does not end there. We know excellent financial planning is so much more than investing. We provide you with a trusted relationship that will help you improve your financial life and move you forward in a more organized, secure fashion. Studies have show people are more successful if they have a planner than if they go it alone. 




  • Women’s #1 financial regret is not investing more of their money.

  • Only 1 woman out of every 2 women feels confident in managing her investments.

Source: https://financialallianceforwomen.org/download/women-financial-wellness-beyond-bottom-line/


4. Fee ONLY

We have no hidden fees and receive no commissions for any of the advice we give you. We are not selling you a product. Our agreed upon fee in your contract is what you pay us for all your planning needs - including investment management.


Meet Betsy Hutchins, MHA, CRPC™


This is my second professional life. My first was healthcare administration. I completed a Master of Health Administration degree and specialized in business development, physician services, risk management, and regulatory administration.  I looked at budgets, analyzed data, and helped departments work together. My husband became a physician which brought me even closer to the patient care side of healthcare.


But life changes…constantly. I took a long detour to be a stay at home mom, then spent the last several years in the world of personal finance as a student and working alongside other financial planners. I hold the Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor Designation™ and have passed the stringent national CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ exam. I am a candidate for CFP® certification in the coming year. I started my own firm to provide you with an ongoing relationship so you can have a trusted partner to turn to for all your questions and concerns. Together, we can move forward to achieve your life goals. We work with clients locally in the Memphis area and across the country.


I live outside of Memphis, TN. I have two human kids and one furry one named Blue (our standard poodle and my running buddy). I read all the time. If not reading, I am running, cooking, eating, gardening, or playing the piano.


My undergraduate degree is in psychology so the area of behavioral finance is fascinating to me. Why we do what we do, is a question that never gets old.


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