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  • What is fee-only planning and why do you work this way?

    Fee only means I am only paid by you. I do NOT accept commissions or other forms of compensation nor do I sell any products. For my firm, I believe this helps alleviate conflicts of interest.

  • What does it mean to be a fiduciary and are you one?

    Yes, I am a fiduciary, which means I will always put your interests over mine. I will do what is best for YOU. More than a personal standard, as a Registered Investment Advisor, Forward Financial Planning has a legal obligation to be a fiduciary.

  • Do you have the Certified Financial Planner (CFP™) designation?

    Not yet, but I am almost there. I have completed the required coursework, passed the national examination and am now finishing my experience hours. I will have my marks by 2023.

  • What professional credentials do you have?

    I hold the Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor® designation. This is granted after completing course work, an exam, and maintaining continuing education requirements. This credential demonstrates I have gained in-depth knowledge of what individuals and families need both before and after retirement. I have a Master of Healthcare Administration and started my professional life in the healthcare industry prior to transitioning to helping healthcare providers with their financial life.

  • What is your investment philosophy?

    Low cost exchange traded funds are what I will mainly use in your portfolio. After we have spent time discussing your life goals and reviewing all your financial details, I will build your individualized portfolio. I do not stock pick or actively trade stocks. For the last 100 years, research shows individual wealth is best made through investing in the stock market in a diversified, methodical way and rebalancing as appropriate. There are no secrets or hidden tricks in investing. Consistent investment in equities works.

  • Do you work with men?

    Definitely! I specialize in women in healthcare professions and their families, but I also work with single or married men. If you want a long term relationship that focuses on your life needs and goals, then we will probably be a good fit no matter if you are male or female. I am connected to hundreds of other planners nationwide so if we are not a good fit, I will happily refer you.

  • Who would not be a good fit for your company?

    Individuals wanting to beat the market. People uncomfortable with financial transparency. Someone wanting a quick fix rather than a long term relationship.

  • What if I need other professionals to make my plan work?

    Often my clients do need a referral to other professionals such as a CPA, estate attorney, real estate agent, or insurance agent. I will gladly refer you to my network of trusted, experienced professionals.

  • Do you have a financial planner or do it yourself?

    That is a great question! We tried to do our own financial planning and then we worked with an hourly financial planner before finding a fabulous fee-only advisor that we trust and enjoy. This relationship has given us more security and stability by providing another professional to give us unbiased advice and watch out for us. So I am a planner that uses a planner. 

  • Do I have to come to your office to meet with you?

    Absolutely not! I am virtual and can work with you almost anywhere there is a good internet connection. If I do not have a network of other professionals in your area, I will use my resources to find experts in your area. There are a few states where I am not allowed to work with you unless I am registered in that state. I have great referrals to other planners if you are in one of those states.

  • I just want you to manage my money, but do not want all the planning extras. Will you do that?

    I do not offer standalone investment management, but I can give you the names of planners who do.

  • How can I work with Forward Financial Planning?

    You can set up a free “Should We Move Forward?” call on my calendar here. I serve clients locally in Memphis, TN and around the country.